Saturday, 4 April 2009

Big Extruder

Here is my attempt at the biggest object that I have made. Not a great success!
It is about 20 cm long and 8cm tall designed to have a stepper one end and a tube through the middle.
It warped and the darker discolouring at the bottom is where I used a hot air gun to flatten it!
It is made with ABS
I had my whole extruder assembly come loose in the last part hebce the unfinished flattened top.
Also It lacks strength as the layers are not close enough together.


  1. It looks like you've got several brown strings in the middle of the block (not at the top or bottom). What temp are you extruding at? I had a bit of brown at 240C, and sometimes the extruder gets very stiff.
    Knocking it back to 220C gave a more consistent flow for me.

  2. At about 240 although I was not convinced of the temperature control at the time.