Monday, 22 December 2008

Buiding an extruder

Following Adrian's efforts to build an extruder while I was waiting for a print I decided to have a go- not very succesfully but I think some parts have merit. I

Had some 23 mm ID aluminium tubing and an auger that was 23mm diameter. I put a goove in the top of the auger and then tapped a hole to stop the auger moving up and down.

The pipe is to supply granules to the auger .

The set up moved polymorph down the tube (And up if you reveresed it!). I then added a heated barrell and a 3mm hole and set it going and it made a small lenght of 3mm ish rod but it was very uneven and when I came to restart it from cold a plug had formed meaning I had to take it all to bits again.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, stupid temperature gradients...they have been killing us in all areas of extruder design. We really must eliminate this problem once and for all.

    Nice work though. At least you are actively trying to solve the problem. Keep up the great work!