Sunday, 30 November 2008

Black heart

After several hours of checking and changing parameters I have set up to make these hearts.
I found the width that I was extruding at by playing with speeds using a simple g code programme until I found that 150 mm/min onto gaffer tape was the best.(MDF and perspex did not stick and I was not using a raft)
I then extuded several lengths and measured the diameter with a vernier and found that it was 1 mm (the same size as the hole on my nozzle). I put these into skeinforge and then made the extrusion height over diameter 0.9 and these hearts came out.
As they are only 1 layer thick at the bottom there are small holes. To improve this I will make the walls thicker which will force Skeinforge to put 2 layers on.


  1. Hi Andy,
    Good to see you up and running. I am flattered you started with one of my objects.

  2. Hi chris,

    With 2 girls asking "Dad what are you doing in the garage?" a heart killed a lot of birds with one stone. 1.Family happy,2.Repeatability of deposition head tested.3. Christmas present list started!
    Thanks for the design